Church Workers and Positions


Name Church Position
Vacant Pastor


Name Church Position
Donnie Williams Deacon (Chair)
Mike Sherrod Deacon
Mike Wiggins Deacon
Danny Sherrod Deacon
Billy Haas Deacon
Michael Hood Deacon


Name Church Position
Jennifer H. Williams Clerk
Dana Haas Treasurer
Jerry Williams Assistant Treasurer
Kathryn Newman VBS Director
Jennifer H. Williams VBS Director
Etta Anne Groover Sanctuary Flowers
JoAnn Horton Sanctuary Flowers
TBD Children's Christmas Play
Jennifer N. Williams Children's Church Director
Brenda Sherrod Sunday School Director
TBD Assistant Sunday School Director
Etta Anne Groover Mamie Woodward Class Teacher
Margaret Bell Mamie Woodward Class Teacher
Buzzy Bragg "Buck" Sherrod Men's Class Teacher
Danny Sherrod "Buck" Sherrod Men's Class Teacher
Diane Bath Women of Joy Class Teacher
Terry Sherrod Women of Joy Class Substitute Teacher
Kellie Wiggins Women of Joy Class Substitute Teacher
Donnie WIlliams Good Shepherd Couples Class Teacher
Michael Hood Good Shepherd Couples Class Teacher
Quincy & Bri Youth Class Teachers
Billy haas Youth Class Substitute Teacher
Sheryl Swint 3rd-6th Grade Class Teacher
Diana Cribbs 3rd-6th Grade Class Teacher
Callie WIggins 3rd-6th Grade Class Teacher
Gloria Bray 3rd-6th Grade Class Teacher
Brenda Schrepel 1st-2nd Grade Class Teacher
Melinda Butler 1st-2nd Grade Class Teacher
Faye Hulst 4 & 5 Year Old Class Teacher
Kathryn Newman 4 & 5 Year Old Class Teacher
Kristie Sanders Sunday School Nursery Teacher
Brenda Miller Sunday School Nursery Teacher
Mike Sherrod Men's Ministry Leader

Music & Technology

Name Church Position
Mike Sherrod Song Leader
Will Groover Assistant Song Leader
Etta Anne Groover Organist
Susan Boddiford Pianist
Margaret Bell Assistant Pianist
Susan Boddiford Choir Director
Terry Sherrod Choir Director
Dana Haas Fellowship Praise Choir
Susan Boddiford Fellowship Praise Choir
Michael Hood Technology Dept.
Jeremy Hendrix Technology Dept.
Wayne Swint Technology Dept.
Danny Sherrod Technology Dept.


Name Church Position
Mike Sherrod Cemetery Trustee
Will Groover Cemetery Trustee
Edward Blitch Cemetery Trustee
Jerry Williams Cemetery Trustee
Wayne Swint Cemetery Trustee


Name Church Position
Beth Groover Communion Prepper
Will Groover Communion Prepper
Christi Sanders Communion Prepper
Dana Sanders Communion Prepper

Finance Committee

Name Church Position
Scott Newman Rotate 21 (Chair)
Susan Boddiford Rotate 22
Jerry Williams Rotate 23
All Active Deacons No Rotation

Building & Grounds Committee

Name Church Position
Donnie Williams Rotate 21 (Chair)
Thomas Purvis Rotate 22
Zech Gilbert Rotate 23

Homecoming Committee

Name Church Position
Brenda Schrepel Rotate 21 (Chair)
Kellie Wiggins Rotate 22
Travis Simms Rotate 23

Nominating Committee

Name Church Position
Mike Sherrod Rotate 21 (Chair)
Luke Williams Rotate 22
Michael Hood Rotate 23

Youth Committee

Name Church Position
Christy Sander Rotate 21 (Chair)
Zech Gilbert Rotate 22
Kristie Sanders Rotate 23

Church Nursery Committee

Name Church Position
Faye Hulst Rotate 21 (Chair)
Brenda Miller Rotate 22
Kristie Sanders Rotate 23

History Committee

Name Church Position
Sheryl Swint Rotate 21 (Chair)
Etta Anne Groover Rotate 22
TBD Rotate 23

Baptism Committee

Name Church Position
Buzzy Bragg Rotate 21 (Chair)
Margie Hallmark Rotate 22
Dana Haas Rotate 23

Decorating Committee

Name Church Position
Pam Purvis Rotate 21 (Chair)
Margaret Bell Rotate 22
Melinda Gilbert Rotate 23

Planning Committee

Name Church Position
Wayne Swint Rotate 21 (Chair)
Zech Gilbert Rotate 22
Donnie Williams Rotate 23