Prayer List

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:6-7

This is the current Old Fellowship Baptist Church Prayer List.

Beverly Mixon

Linda Ray

Mr. Hay

Christine Smith

Dennis Brown

Pastor Tony Pagliarullo and Family

Country Side Baptist Church

Terry Sherrod

Dylan Oglesbee – deployment

Ashly Woodward – Cancer

Martha Newman (Scott Newman’s Grandmother)

Angel and Kenny Wilson

Betty Ray

Ed Dickerson

Sara McKinney

John Ray Stalcup

Helen Stalcup

Billy Mattox (Stroke)

Edith Hutchison (cancer)

Jarrett Bath

Donna Beagle

Joann Horton

Evelyn Powell (Kellie Wiggins mother)

Charles Mixson (surgery)

Jackson Locklear

Brad Carr

Donna Fields (Friend of Kellie Wiggins)

Lee Jackson

Billy Knight (Back Injury)

Callie Wiggins

Pat Jones

Mike Copeland

Lou Bragg (Stroke, At home with Julie)

Sheila Owen

Cindy Howard (James Chupp’s sister)

Juanita Denmark

Garrett and Caroline Upchurch (IVF)

Clara Hibbs (Open Heart Surgery)

Theresa Randall (cancer is back and trying new medication to control)

Kent Shuman, Knee Replacement

Gina Morgan (cancer)

Julianne Triel’s Daughter

Elizabeth Webb (cancer)

Rollie Geiger (knee surgery went well and is back working)

Sandy Griffin (Felicia Thomas’ mom)

Calvin Hitchcock (cancer)

Lane and Tonya Allen (lymphoma on his eye)

James Davis (Broken Hip, Surgery)

Staten Shell

Lavinia Martin (John Ray and Helen Stalcup’s daughter)

Patti Sanders (Steven Sander’s mother, surgery went good, back home)

Teresa Bethune (Spinal Fusion Surgery today)

Mary Shaw (Broken Foot)

Juanita Morton (knee surgery)

Amber Oglesbee (chronic migraines)

Randy Newman

Joan Gizzard (test)

Jack Williams Family

Franklin Sherrod

Bonnie MacDonald

Pat Swafford (Cancer)

Chris Lewis (laser eye surgery)

Brice Wilson (broke leg)

Gene Eden (prostate cancer)

Storm victims of Ian

Jesse Jones (Pneumonia and tumor on her windpipe)

Mark Galo Family

Quinton Simon

Nolan Gilbert (Zech’s father, Heart Attack)

Bobby Bunn (Christine Barnes’s brother (cancer))

Diane Sharpe Family

Janel Cribbs

JD Simpson

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