OFBC Prayer List

This is the current Old Fellowship Baptist Church Prayer List.

Mr. Hay

Lou Bragg (Stroke)

Buzzy Bragg

Tricia Woody and Gale Larisie (Mr. Hay's sisters)

Donna Fields (Kellie Wiggins friend)

Angel and Kenny Wilson

Emmett Bell

Andre Stewart

Earl Stokes (Hospice care)

Nate Guthrie (young boy with brain tumor)

Jenni Deal

Victor Arlington (Go cart accident)

Donald Crosby (brain tumor)

Niki Gladin, (Cancer, friend of Jennifer H. Williams)

Georgia Kate Anderson

Dave Synder

Danny Covington (Stage 4 colon cancer)

Chad Scott (cancer)

Barry Evans (cancer)

Brad Carr (Leukemia)


Middle East

Ricky Bunch (Jennifer H. Williams cousin’s husband, medical issues)

Beth Harville (Jennifer H. Williams cousin’s wife, breast cancer)

Anne Conner (Matt and Clay Conner’s Grandmother)

Buddy Miller

Angie Clifton

Drew Sherrod (Middle East deployment)

Linda Cooper (breast cancer)

Chris and Martha Armstrong (Chris skin cancer)

Jeanene Crosby (eye surgery)

Lyn Stewart (Back Surgery)

Light House Baptist Church (without a pastor)

Tracy Anderson (Teri Oglesbee's friend that was in an accident)

Helen Jett (Surgery)

Frank Cliett (Candler Hospital)

Billy Edwards (Margaret Bell’s bother, stroke)

Charles Mallard (Matt and Clay Conner’s Grandfather)

Santos Rivera and Family (He is deployed until Jan/Feb 2025)

Nolan and Betty Gilbert (Zech Gilbert’s parents)

Linda Brown

Jimmy Hayes

Bubba Marshall (auto accident)

Edwin Akins

Jenna Burnsed (will have surgery May 6th)

Rosie Saxon (Broken Ankle)

Richie Cribbs (East GA Hospital, leg injury)

Kathy Sherrod family

Melanie Anderson (gall bladder removal)

Ann Harville (Jennifer H Williams mother, East GA with foot infection)

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